The Pythian Development Will Offer Affordable Housing, Community-Oriented Commercial Spaces

The Pythian project is getting off the ground! Our development in partnership with Green Coast Enterprises will offer six floors of residential units, one floor of community-oriented office spaces, a health clinic, and several well-designed retail spaces on the first two floors.

Crescent City Community Land Trust is helping to secure affordable office space within The Pythian for community-oriented tenants, non-profits, and health-oriented uses. We are also securing 40% of the residential rental units in the building as permanently affordable units, so that more people who work downtown and in our new hospitals will be able to live downtown as well. More information on the development can be found here.

The Pythian building at 234 Loyola was originally built by Samuel L. Green for the Colored Knights of Pythias, a Late 19th/Early 20th Century fraternal order that grew out of a Civil War era organization. Mr. Green was reputed to be the wealthiest African-American in New Orleans, and perhaps in the country. We have renamed the building The Pythian to honor this heritage.

Visit The Pythian’s website for more information on commercial leasing. Information about residential leasing coming in 2015!

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