What is a Community Land Trust?
Community Land Trusts (CLTs) develop real estate for a variety of residential, commercial, and community purposes, while retaining an ownership interest in the land and/or buildings long-term. CLTs ensure that public investment for community development initiatives remains in place and benefits neighborhoods over time. To learn more about CLTs, visit the National Community Land Trust Network website.

Residential Development

CCCLT works with partners to develop high-quality housing options for New Orleanians that remain affordable for the long term. Read more about our residential homeownership and residential rental activities.

Commercial Development

CCCLT develops commercial spaces to provide critical community services, such as fresh food stores and non-profit clinics. We also work on projects that provide opportunity for low-wealth entrepreneurs; help train workers for new jobs; and retain and strengthen the small businesses and commercial corridors that keep our neighborhoods vibrant and sustainable. Read more about our commercial activities.

Mixed-Use Development

CCCLT works on projects that combine affordable and mixed-income residential development with commercial development, creating communities that offer economic opportunity to all and remain sustainable and diverse for the long term.

Futures Fund

CCCLT has developed an investment tool, the Crescent City Futures Fund, to provide acquisition and predevelopment loans and other types of financing to projects that provide long-term affordable residential units and/or commercial community benefits. Contact us to learn more about the Crescent City Futures Fund.